Wayward: Unleash Your Inner Influencer, But Know Your Audience First!

2 min readFeb 14, 2024

Have you ever dreamt of turning your passion into profit? Wayward.com might just be the key! This innovative platform empowers anyone to become a digital entrepreneur, curating and selling products through a personalized storefront. Sounds amazing, right? But before you jump in, let’s talk reality check.

The appeal of Wayward is undeniable. Imagine:

  • Effortless Storefront: No coding nightmares, just drag-and-drop your way to a beautiful, branded store within minutes.
  • Vast Product Selection: Millions of commissionable products at your fingertips, from major brands to unique finds.
  • Instagram Integration: Tap into the power of Instagram Shop, reaching your audience where they’re already engaged.
  • Flexible Earning: Set your own margins and earn on every sale. Be your own boss, set your own hours!

However, it’s crucial to understand that success on Wayward hinges on one key factor: your audience.

Picture this: you build a stunning store, filled with hand-picked treasures. But if nobody sees it, how can you turn a profit? This is where having a pre-established following becomes crucial.

Think of Wayward as a powerful amplifier, not a magic wand. If you already have an engaged audience on social media, a blog, or another platform, Wayward can help you monetize that connection by offering them a curated shopping experience.

Here’s why a following matters:

  • Built-in Trust & Advocacy: Your existing audience already knows and trusts you. They’re more likely to listen to your recommendations and support your endeavors.
  • Targeted Marketing: Leverage your platform to promote your store organically, reaching people already interested in your niche.
  • Community Building: Engage with your audience through your store, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Does this mean Wayward isn’t worth it if you’re starting from scratch? Absolutely not! But be realistic about the initial effort involved. Building a following takes time, dedication, and valuable content. Consider Wayward as a long-term investment in your personal brand and online presence.

Remember, entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. Start by building your audience, honing your niche, and creating content that resonates. When you have a foundation of engaged followers, Wayward can be a fantastic tool to take your passion to the next level and turn it into a profitable reality.

Here is my personal story with Wayward in a flash: I have a storefront, that I’ve tied to my Pinterest account and a personal website and so far I have just 3 store visitors in a matter of a little over a month. But hey, it’s a start :)

So, is Wayward worth it? It depends. If you have an audience eager to explore your curated world, then absolutely! But remember, success is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the process, build your community, and Wayward might just be the missing piece in your journey to influencer-preneurship!




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